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Investigator Istanbul


Zabata Investigations are ongoing activities in this field since 1995 and is the oldest and most established company in Turkey. So far, no compromise güvenlirliğinden Zabata clients never had a problem. Zabata Investigations Inc. güvencesiyel bill payments from the company can take assurance services.


Investigations, research and follow-up services firm;


Experts in the field in Turkey and all over the world, educated, experienced detective many of the staff have worked in national and international security units, all kinds of research, analysis, monitoring and data collection needs, supporting you with our experience and our education cihazlarlarla latest technology professional, you can get the result as soon as possible We offer reliable solutions. Master detectives made various universities in all areas.


Professionalism in research, watchdog and investigator staff;


You need an experienced detectives scattered all over the world and Turkey all kinds of research, monitoring and detective service needs a fast, reliable and legal solutions to our services, users' personal information üretmektedir.Bu in a respectful manner extremely trying, 3 information about the content of their research work and research in our power to reach the exhibit all the effort and meticulous work.


Private security, close protection and bodyguard rental service;


Zabata, the certified safety course completed their education professional male - female private security guard, close protection and bodyguard all kinds of personal and corporate security staff * needs a reliable, guaranteed to produce a solution.


* The main follow-up, research and detective services;


* Marriage pre-party research, follow-up of detective services on

* How to Find Lost People,

* Divorce and custody proceedings in order to collect legal evidence, detective,

* Family intra-individual research,

* Company Research,

* Credit Risk Analysis,

* Individual Credit Risk Analysis State Research,

* Retirement Status Research,

* Family Violence Research




Detective Zabata









90% of the result.



Investigator in Istanbul, Right Adress in Istanbul!


Some of Our Services Investigator in Istanbul;


  • Investigator in Istanbul- Product brand-Patent Search in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Hostage and ransom Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul -Premarital Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator Istanbul-Fraud Events Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul -General Country Konjektor Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul -Company Research and General Analysis in Istanbul
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Homicide Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Missing Person Finder in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Stolen Goods Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Land Real Estate Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Retirement Case Study in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Insurance Faker’s Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Fraud Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Individual Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Property Holdings Research in Istanbul,
  • Investigator in Istanbul-Insect Exploration (Electronics) in Istanbul,
  • Company Establishment Istanbul
  • Establishing a Business in Istanbul
  • Foreign capital companies established in Istanbul

Company Establishment and Registration Procedures in Istanbul,



Private Investigator in Istanbul,

Istanbul Investigators,